March 2020 Announcement: In an effort to slow the outbreak and to be considerate of everyone’s health, I am taking no chances for our families and yours. I routinely wipe all supplies and jewelry pieces with effective cleaning agents and secure them in closed containers. I wear gloves as I handle your items and have placed all supplies and pendants in sealed containers. I have a young child at home and have drastically reduced our exposure to all people right now. Our protection is as important to our family as it is to yours, and we want you to know the steps we have taken. If you have questions, please message us here. Thank you, Kat // Enter code FREESHIP35 at checkout for free domestic shipping over $35

About Kat

"I believe that art comes in many forms and speaks uniquely to each individual. For me, art flows through me in the form of metal and wax. I draw my inspiration from the time I’ve spent in the woods, and translate my deep admiration for nature into my pieces. My hope is that through my art I can inspire others to find their own connection with our worlds greatest treasures. "

- Kat Rosenberg, designer and owner
We plant a tree with every item purchased. Learn more HERE
Welded Roots is a home-based small business in Venice Beach, California. Pieces are designed and created by Kat and then items are cast in downtown Los Angeles by small production casters. We cast using the lost wax casting method, one of the oldest casting methods that still exists. We try our best to be eco and animal friendly with every step of our production.